Our Services for Local Authorities

Having worked in partnership with Local Authorities across England since 2005, we can offer you either a complete end-to-end service or individual component elements including focus group recruitment, data coding, report writing, secondary data / desk research, postal surveys, phone surveys and door to door.

Business Surveys

Local Authorities are working increasingly with their Local Area Partnerships to understand business issues, particularly amongst growth sectors. With over 10 years of experience collecting Labour Market Intelligence for a variety of Sector Skills Councils, as well as Local Authority consultation projects involving businesses, we have the track record and experience to support your economic and employment research projects.

Pupil Forecasting

With the government seeing the broken housing market as one of the biggest barriers to progress in the UK today, it seems clear that most Local Authorities will face increased levels of development over the next two decades.

As a result, it is essential that cash-strapped Local Authorities are in a position to secure payments from developers to put in place the necessary infrastructure and facilities to support increased demand.

At Cognisant we’ve gained experience over the last 12 years in supporting Local Authorities with their pupil forecasting requirements. Carrying our primary research based on thousands of household interviews to generate statistics relating to the number of pupils resident in new housing developments.

This important information has been used by Local Authorities to understand the impacts on the provision of school places and investment in schools, the results of which are used in the negotiation of developer contributions towards local infrastructure, as well as school place planning exercises.

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Public Consultation

Efficiency savings and restructuring have necessitated large scale, often controversial, consultation exercises. Whilst managing expectations is essential for good public relations, establishing a robust process is the best way to avoid secure decisions against challenge. Cognisant can support your consultation from its conception to its fruition.

Resident’s Surveys

Understanding residents’ priorities, particularly around Budget issues, is a necessity in Local Government. From qualitative to quantitative projects, Cognisant have experience of delivering end to end research that targets those most affected by an issue and engages them in a meaningful process. Cognisant projects begin with a workshop to understand our client’s needs.