Our Services for Corporate

Since 1999 we’ve worked on a range of projects from brand evaluation in the media, communications and pharmaceutical sectors to supporting SMEs with market mapping and lead generation projects.

Customer Satisfaction Research

For companies committed to continual service improvement, we offer a range of service performance research methods designed to meet our client’s customer type and budget.

We are able to offer telephone or face-to-face surveys, paper based surveys or online surveys. In terms of scale we can work from a dozen telephone interviews right up to thousands of on-line survey forms.

Market Testing Research

Using both primary research with a range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies and secondary research, to inform business decisions, understand your markets better or develop marketing information to underpin corporate campaigns.

We can look at market development (existing products in existing markets), market extension (existing products in new markets), product development (new products in existing markets) and finally new products in new markets. Our market studies underpin major investment decisions and inform contract proposals and company purchase/divestment strategies.

Employee Surveys

Employee surveys have moved on from simply gauging ‘are our employees happy?’ to a more sophisticated tool, providing insights into how to improve every aspect of your business and, ultimately, the bottom line.