Our Services for Education

We have worked in the education sector for over a decade. Our team includes an ex-unitary authority cabinet member for Children’s Services as well as an experienced school governor.

Pupil Forecasting

Carrying our primary research based on thousands of household interviews to generate statistics relating to the number of pupils resident in new housing developments. This important information has been used by local Local Authorities to understand the impacts on the provision of school places and investment in schools.


We have been commissioned to produce qualitative research with parents to understand their aspirations for local schooling which has then been used to complement quantitative data from pupil place forecasting to understand better the size of catchment areas.

Parental Perception

Working with an academy school we have designed a qualitative research study that identified reflected the different elements of the parental community, considering competing providers and ensuring the themes explored in the study reflected the ‘journey’ parents go through when specifying a secondary school for their child.

Replacing anecdote with evidence, the Academy concerned has a more rounded understanding of how it is perceived with in its community and how this compares to its competitors. This in turn has shaped their marketing approach to potential Year 7 parents.